Camino de Santiago

Santiago de Compostale is an hour drive from the port of Vigo. Located in the Galician area of Spain, north west, it is famous prilgrimmage destination as the site of the tomb of St. James. There’s a lot of history and religion surrounding this Old Town. People travel to this holy site by foot. To … More Camino de Santiago

Manhattan Adventures – Top of the Rock VS Empire State

In Manhattan, everything is so tall and looming – you can feel so tiny walking down the streets. Change your perspective of the city by going above it! I went to 2 observation decks during my visit to Manhattan (I actually went to both on the same day) and here are my findings: Top of … More Manhattan Adventures – Top of the Rock VS Empire State

Cheltenham Badlands

The badlands is a striking formation in Caledon, Ontario. This patch of earth is red in colour and stretches out in the form of waves. After some research, I’ve learned that, this is not natural. It is actually the result of humans or “poor farming practices” which led to the erosion of the soil and … More Cheltenham Badlands