Manhattan Adventures – Top of the Rock VS Empire State

In Manhattan, everything is so tall and looming – you can feel so tiny walking down the streets.

Change your perspective of the city by going above it!

I went to 2 observation decks during my visit to Manhattan (I actually went to both on the same day) and here are my findings:

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center (11:30am)
Line Up: No line. Tickets are printed with timed entry
View: 360 of Manhattan (Central Park, Empire State etc) with 2 floors to access outdoor decks
Crowd Level: Low to Moderate

The Rock - south
The Rock – View of the south
The Rock -north
The Rock – View of the north

Empire State Building (1:30pm)
Line Up: Snakes around (…a few times), unclear end point *waited 2 hours
View: 360 of Manhattan, grated fence (to take a clear photo, make sure you’re aiming your lens through the gaps of the glass panels)
Crowd Level: Heavy – as we were leaving part of the observatory became blocked off for a special guest

Empire State – View of the south
Empire - Look down
Empire State – Don’t Look Down

My overall experience – I enjoyed the Top of the Rock view and deck more. The wait time was significantly shorter and the view wasn’t obstructed by people or fencing. I do wonder if the experience would be different if the timing was different. But I would recommend if you were interested in going to one of these..choose the Rock!

Who’s the winner for you?


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