Camino de Santiago

Santiago de Compostale is an hour drive from the port of Vigo. Located in the Galician area of Spain, north west, it is famous prilgrimmage destination as the site of the tomb of St. James. There’s a lot of history and religion surrounding this Old Town. People travel to this holy site by foot. To complete the pilgrimage (camino), it is said that you need to walk 100km to the town. There are the camino symbol, the shell, in the ground as you walk into the town, right into the cathedral where you will find the tomb of St. James. The symbol of the shell apparently comes from the sea voyage of two of St. James’ disciples – by the time they reached Santiago de Compostale, they were covered in shells. A more believable reason for the shell as a symbol of this pilgrimage is it’s significance for travellers as a vessel for liquid or food.
The Old Town is very beautifully constructed and well kept. When we visited a few of the buildings were being revitalized and cleaned because next year is a big year for pilgrimages. Next year, is considered a holy year when the front doors of the sacred building is open and if you walk through, you will be forgiven for all your sins – it will most definitely be a busy time for the small town.
My stay in the town was short as it was part of my cruise shore excursion. However, the guided tour gave a quick glimpse into the history and significance of the town.
If you are interested in doing a pilgrimage, it sounds like this is definitely a place to visit especially in 2017.

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