Manhattan Adventure – High Line

High Line - viewThe High Line is an outdoor park that was created by re-purposing the old New York Central Railroad. It stretches from Gansevoort Street, through the Meatpacking district up to 34th Street. The urban park is a beautiful merge of the industrial with the natural. You are surrounded by greenery while walking along the old and exposed railway tracks. The High Line gives you a nice break from the hustle, bustle of the city and reminds you that Manhattan isn’t ALL about the skyscrapers, yellow taxis and flashing neon lights.
High Line - tracks
While I was there, there was a special, interactive art installation – a fun pit stop. It was a lego building installation where visitors can add to the existing structure (who can say no to playing with lego!). You can visit the site here to see what the project was about – High Line Art.
High Line Art - LegoThis is our addition (a little homage to Toronto T.O)
If you want to visit the High Line, you can find more information and a handy map at Friends of the High Line

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