Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is located about an hour drive from Toronto.
There is an admission fee but currently there is a coupon in the Ontario Attractions website. Just print it out a save a few dollars. IMG_0148
IMG_0145In the conservatory, there is a small exhibition area displaying types of butterflies, moths and other insects. Then, there is the butterfly exhibition, an indoor garden filled with butterflies and birds.
The staff and volunteers are very friendly and well informed. They are willing to approach you and teach you about the conservatory and it’s many tenants. I met one volunteer who had a bug (Thorny Devil Stick Bug) and he encouraged guests to hold the bug too.
Make sure you stop by what I would call the nursery and watch the hatching butterflies. Some of them might even take their first flight.
Tip: Another lovely volunteer told us that if you wear bright colours, butterflies are more likely to fly to you. Just make sure you don’t touch them as the oils from our fingers can damage their wings.

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