Vancouver Adventure – Stanley Park

It isn’t a trip to Vancouver if you don’t go to Stanley Park! When I planned to visit the park, I thought – sure I’d like to see a section of it- but nope, I saw the whole thing! 4-5 hours on foot!
This is 4-5 hours captured in photography – taken by @mmere_dane (on Instagram or VSCO) You’ll notice that we ventured on the Sea Wall as well as off of it and into the central, wooded parts of the park. A very friendly bus driver went off route during a detour to drop us off by the Lost Lagoon (ironically we would have been lost getting to Stanley Park without him).
Check out the Stanley Park site and download the map before you go.
Stanley Park - Fountain
Jubilee Fountain, Lost Lagoon
Stanley Park - Statue
Girl in a Wetsuit, Bronze Statue
Stanley Park - Totem Poles
Totem Poles
Stanley Park - Path
Walk or Ride
Stanley Park - Trees
Into the woods
Stanley Park - Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake
Stanley Park - Lily pad
Lily pads, Beaver Lake
Stanley Park - Prospect Point
Prospect Point & Lions Gate Bridge

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