Harmony of the Seas – Floating City

Harmony of the Seas – the newest Royal Caribbean Oasis class vessel and the largest cruise at the moment (by 30 cm apparently) – how could you not refer to this as a floating city!
A lot of information can already be found online describing this boat. It has countless restaurants, services and activities. Below is my experience and take-away from my trip in May (the INAUGURAL VOYAGE!)
The Harmony of the Seas has 7 distinct neighbourhoods: Pool & Sports Zone, Youth Zone, Entertainment Zone, Vitality Spa & Fitness Center, Royal Promenade, Central Park, Boardwalk.
(I won’t be speaking about the Youth Zone or the Vitality Spa & Fitness Center- due to my minimal experience with it)

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The Pool & Sports Zone houses the outdoor,active entertainment for all ages. It includes the pools, slides, flow rider simulator as well as the multi sport court, mini golf course and table tennis rooms. For more thrill, you can choose to ride the zip line or the Ultimate Abyss. I did the zip line twice. It was not as long or scary as I thought it would be. I think I’ve seen prints in ads that give the impression that the line extends much further than it actually does. But it’s still a thrill to step off the ledge of the 16th deck of the ship! The Ultimate Abyss is different story – after seeing that twisting, dropping slide in person, and then seeing the dazed expressions of people getting off the slide, I said “not for me”.
Tips: Remember to bring socks and/or lace up running shoes for the zip line. Don’t bring any loose items!
The Entertainment Zone has all the on board performances! You can watch the talent at the Royal Theatre performing Grease. The cast, costume & vocal was amazing! The Aqua Theatre showcases the Fine Line, an acrobatic, synchronised swimming, diving, dancing, stunt work performance.
* I’ll also include here another Entertainment option is the Escape the Rubicon challenge. This is an Escape the Room type challenge where the team must find clues to get out of a locked room within a given time. You have to sign up for this activity upon getting on the Harmony and you will be working with a group of up to 12 people. This is located in the Youth Zone outside of Adventure Ocean but I think it’s fair to categorise as Entertainment. By the way, we escaped!

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Royal Promenade, Central Park, Boardwalk – Food, Shopping and Fun!
  • You can drop in to do some Zumba, Salsa or test your trivia knowledge at the Royal Promenade.
  • You can enjoy a ride around the merry-go-round, climb the rock wall or grab a drink from Starbucks on the Boardwalk.
  • You can soak up some sun without fighting for a pool chair and enjoy Park Cafe’s delicious beef sandwich at Central Park.
Every zone of the ship is very well designed physically and well curated with activities and entertainment. Royal Caribbean did a fantastic job of whisking us away to a wonderful floating world.

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