Toronto Zoo – Quest for Babies

This past Easter weekend, I decided to go to the Toronto Zoo to try and see ALL the new babies. If you didn’t know, there are a few new additions to the zoo – baby pandas, white lions, polar bear and rhino.

With my bag packed with sandwiches, snacks, water and some winter gear, I was off bright and early- arriving about 1 hour after opening. The ticket counters were open and free of crowds (which is a very different scene in the summer time).

The first stop was of course the PANDAS! They are pretty close to the main entrance but unfortunately there was a line up -1.5hours, and expected to get even longer. The line up wasn’t too bad because it moved steadily. The unfortunate part though was that once you got to the pandas, you were timed 1.5 minutes. Is that fair? Sure, I guess that’s how they keep the lines moving and everyone gets a chance but I would have liked it if it was a little longer just because I had a view of sleeping panda cubs. (What if they moved or did something cute as I was walking out of my 1.5 minutes stay?)

Mama Panda w Babies

The journey continued along the route of the zoo, so up next, Juno, the baby polar bear. I was so excited to see her active and moving! There was no line up and crowds so no rush to leave the polar bears which worked out perfectly in time for the viewing of the feeding of the two female adult bears. The experience at the zoo is always so much more engaging when the animals are active!

The last two babies of the day were the white lion cubs and rhino calf (unfortunately, couldn’t get a good picture of both). The 4 lion cubs were situated behind the display, sort of giving visitors a glimpse into the backstage world. The rhino calf was having a nap with his mom. From the viewing area, the mom’s sleeping body completely hid her baby. But once in awhile when she shifted her head, the calf’s backside could be seen. Don’t be mistaken, when you visit the rhino calf, he is in the same area as the mom and not in the neighbouring display – lot’s of people thought the warthog was the baby rhino

I had a great day at the zoo and my quest for babies was a SUCCESS! And what better way to celebrate then to finish the day at the zoo with a delicious Beaver Tail!

To learn more about the babies and visiting schedules visit: Giant Panda CubsPolar Bear CubRhino Calf and Lion Cubs





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