Up & Down in Nerja


Nerja is a small town in the south coast of Spain in the area of Costa del Sol. It is less than one hour drive from the port of Malaga. While in Nerja, I visited 2 of it’s famous sites.

El balcon – El balcon is an open area in Nerja and rightfully deserves the title of “the balcony”. The landing was once the site of a fortress. Remnants of the fortress still exist in the form of canons. Now it is an ideal spot to see the coast of Nerja and the vast body of water that spreads before it.
Not far from the balcony, you can travel below the ground into the famous Caves of Nerja. The extensive caves house a large collection of stalagmites and stalactites. The discovery was made by 5 local boys. It is believed to date back to the Bronze Age when it was once inhabited. If you visit the caves, be prepared with appropriate footwear to climb the stairs down and up from the cavern. If you are planning to take photos, remember to turn off your flash. The light exposure is causing certain microbes to start growing in the cave and will cause faster deterioration. (You will notice a hint of green in some of the images – that’s the microbes)
Going into the caves, I was prepared for it to be chilly but it wasn’t. It was very humid, so don’t worry about bringing any outer layer – you won’t need it. Marvel at the varying size and shape of stalagmites and stalactites. Keep an eye out for the stalactite that forms the profile of a man’s face -or- what once a large stalactite, laying on the ground, destroyed by a past earthquake.

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