Hamilton (Oasis), Ontario

Who knew that Niagara Falls isn’t the only waterfall in Ontario?

Just an hour from Toronto – in Hamilton – you can find a number of waterfalls big or small. The good thing is that they are all situated in and around the city so in a day, you can definitely see more than one waterfall.

Here’s what I saw in a day:

borers fallswebster fallstews

albionDevil's Punch Bowl

** Webster and Tew’s Falls are connected by a trail
** Devil’s Punch Bowl Falls depends on the water levels of the time of visit. If there hasn’t been rain, there won’t be a waterfall. It is still worth the visit to see the bowl shaped canyon

Helpful Hint:
–  Bring a water bottle. Always stay hydrated
–  Bring spare change or cash for paid on-site parking for conservation areas

For more information, check out Hamilton Waterfalls created by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. This is a very useful tool to help you map out your waterfall adventure day!


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