Manhattan Adventures – Ms Liberty & Ellis Island

Catch a ferry ride from Manhattan across the Hudson River to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – must-sees for first time NYC visitors to catch a glimpse of history and a well-known monument and of course to just say that you have!

Manhattan Skyline
Manhattan Skyline: spreading out across the horizon

The trip across the channel is very beautiful as you watch Manhattan spread out in front of you and then Ms Liberty appears around the corner. Even though I come from a big city myself, with the CN tower in my skyline, it doesn’t seem to compare.

As I traveled to the historic immigration station, it made me think…

  What did New York City look?
Was it a daunting sight?
Did it inspire people as it does now –
   as a sign of new opportunities and growth?

Ellis Island immigration station
Ellis Island: immigration station

Ellis island was the hub for the newcomers but is now a museum. Many of the artifacts have been removed due to Hurricane Sandy a few years ago but the feeling is still there: the feeling of being in someone else’s shoe, waiting for examination and approval. The Statue of Liberty stands just about a 5 minute boat ride away from Ellis island. The park is not big and doesn’t take long to stroll through and around the statue. On a busier day you might wait longer to catch a good shot with ms liberty amongst the crowds. If not, take the trip leisurely and finish both spots in less than half a day!

Statue of Liberty: view from the ferry
Statue of Liberty: view from the ferry

Helpful hints:
– pack a lunch or light snacks for a picnic or wait time for the ferry
– bring a thin layer to protect yourself from the cool water breeze and pumping air conditioning in the museum (unfortunately museum temperatures are set to offset the temperature and humidity outdoors- so in the summer months, it’s freezing!)


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